Capacity - 160 ml

6 fibre stick, 4mm width, 25cm long

INVAME diffusers are a unique and decorative item that you can introduce to your interiors.

The decorative and carved caps designed by us are made of ash wood, which provides bottles with a decorative character.

A cubic hand-painted bottle in an iridescent color, with a wooden or aluminum cap to choose from.

INVAME Diffusers

Find out our new INVAME Original Perfums collection, perfectly suited to any space, occasion and mood. We have considered every little detail to help you create an elegantly scented sanctuary.

Thanks to the adequate interaction of high-quality raw materials and oils with natural ingredients, our room fragrances guarantee a unique, longlasting  fragrance experience.

INVAME diffusers - suitable for any space, even the most demanding one.

A beautiful fragrance can remind us of beautiful moments.


Customize your products with our personalization services so that your gifts are delightful like no other. INVAME offers a corporate gift service that allows you to express your gratitude to your team or customers.


Marking your products with your company logo is a great way to personalize and brand your product. Thanks to the possibility of printing the logo on the bottle of the aroma diffuser, you can fully use the marketing potential and strengthen recognition of your brand.




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Created by the best European specialists in the art of perfumery. They will change the interior of any car. Find out more about our range of fragrances. You can also design your own together with INVAME!