Sensual Vanilla and Bitter Almond


Ipnotic Florence is a feminine fragrance – strong, durable, smells ambitious, very mysterious and sweet.

Over time, the rose and almonds fade (although they do not disappear) and then floral sweetness appears. It is a fragrance for an intense, unpredictable and sometimes uncompromising woman.

Ipnotic Florence – This is a creamy-balsamic oriental fragrance that has been enriched with spicy aromas.

Ipnotic Florence – contains notes

Top notes – juicy sweet plum and coconut.
Heart notes – a combination of such narcotic species as tuberose, jasmine and rose form a hallucinogenic cloud.
Base note – the sweetness of almonds literally begins to explode, and vanilla seems to be unleashed.

Ipnotic Florence – perfectly warms and stimulates.

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