Juicy Apple and Cinnamon


Excellent Seville – the car fragrance by INVAME surprisingly reflects family warmth, soothing harmony and peace.

It is brave, sweet, but not sugary. The perfect composition of ingredients is associated with apple sweet treat. It is a fragrance that astonishes with its complexity, like all Invame fragrances.

The beginning is unique:

In the head, you will feel the sweet aroma of a cut juicy green apple, which contrasts with the freshness of the Brazilian orange.
In the heart you’ll find cloves and ginger, which are designed to enhance the aroma of fruit. Of course, the whole does not resemble apple pie at all, but it is strongly aromatic.
In the base, of course, you can not forget about vanilla, and the wood note sounds all the time.

What makes him different?
Simplicity and titanium durability. Everything like clockwork. It’s a fragrance that is like a good car – it will never let you down.

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